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Professional business relationships take a great deal of time to develop. Furthermore, utilizing the resources that are based on those relationships can make the difference between a company that has the ready ability to take advantage of opportunity and one that gets stuck on minor business issues.  Then there are the other challenges that come about as a result of bureaucratic gridlock.  Whatever may be the nature of your business need, slicing through red tape, finding the right individual professional or business firm, we can help.  Our connections are based on proven, successful providers who can meet your needs on time and within budget.  If we don't have the right solution at hand, we'll look until you're satisfied and have the service that your business or organization requires.   AHBC can help you develop relationships that will enhance the prospects of your current projects and the profits of your future.

Key Benefits

  • If you have a business need that requires a solution, let us do the legwork to create partnerships for you, with an individual, a company or a public agency. Our navigation skills will help you move toward your business goal.

  • For instance, we have a wide range of practitioners who offer excellent legal representation for real estate transactions, business structures, estate planning, and all legal real estate issues.

  • We have contacts with banks, financial consultants to help finance your acquisition, construction or new mortgage.

  • We are in touch with a group of solid professionals who can help with financial and estate planning.

  • Architectural design, from initial concept to construction management

  • We have a proven list of contractors, builders and qualified and reliable tradespeople.

  • Let our knowledge of the community and its institutions work for you!


Our extensive knowledge base of reliable resources is supplemented by our marketing department's ability to find the right answer for you.  Determination, resourcefulness, creativity and the savvy use of resources will get you the solution that works.  Give us a call or send us an email.   

How can we help you?

Please use the following contact information to let us know how we can serve the needs of your business.

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