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Who do we serve?

  • Investors -- Multi-Family, Mixed Use, Retail Offices
  • Developers -- Vacant Lots, Warehouse Conversion Opportunities
  • Not For Profits -- Schools, Houses Of Worship, Community Service Agencies
  • Businesses -- Auto, Construction, Office
  • Retailers -- Lease, Sell, Buy, Build
Where do we operate?
Throughout The New York City Metropolitan Area And Beyond

How do we work?
Finding real estate for purchase or lease can be a daunting task when you are focused on running your business. We can help you accomplish this task effectively and efficiently. We work directly with owners, brokers and have access to all of the real estate industry's leading listing web sites.  Once we help you find something suitable, w
e will help you negotiate your deal and also, if you require it, arrange for everything you need to make the location a success. 
Let's meet to determine your goals, make a game plan, and go for it!  

Property for sale or lease?
If you are an owner and have property to sell or lease, we will help you arrive at a suitable price and target the market that may have an interest in the type, location and size property you have to offer. We will come up with a plan that focuses on your time frame and help you examine offers as they come in. Regular communication with the sales process keeps you abreast of activity as it happens. 
An informed transaction is a satisfactory transaction!

Key benefits

  • Experience at making deals happen
  • Personalized service tailored to your needs
  • Connections for: developers, contractors, architects, financing, attorneys
Next step -- Let's meet!

Contact Information
Office: 212-362-1460          Cell: 212-362-1830
Fax:     212-362-1830

Available Properties

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264 Degraw Commercial/Industrial/Office Buildings for Sale
882 5th Avenue Retail
264 Degraw Commercial/Industrial/Office Buildings for Lease
1617 Pacific Avenue Vacant Land
623 51st Street Residential, Multi Family & Mixed Use

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