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Naturally, organizations and businesses want to grow. Often, expansion requires additional infrastructure to sustain and improve quality. All growth needs to be fed by the proper resources.  If your business is retail, additional space is usually the key.  We can help you get into new parts of the City, find additional capacity in your area, or help you think about exciting new directions.  In addition to finding space, AHBC can help by developing plans, structuring activities and creating outcomes for your organization's internal needs. Whether the needs are recruiting, retaining, quality control, training, structure such as personnel manuals, policies, ot procedures, AHBC can help you fill the need.  Whether we work as part of the leadership of your staff team or in an advisory capacity. AHBC will help you develop solutions that become a natural, integrated part of regular company operations.

Key Benefits

  • Management expertise to focus on important, new or unfinished business

  • Integrated solutions that are built into, not onto your operation

  • Targeted, high level expertise without the overhead

  • Use our proven solutions, or tailor a creative one to suit your agency's needs


After gathering data in your area of need, solutions can be focused, resources examined, and a plan of action put into place by AHBC or your own team.

Housing development can be an excellent way for a range of businesses to expand.  Some of our clients whose cash balances are put into construction have experienced wonderful upsides over the past few years.  By building ahead of actual development need or capacity, these remarkable entrepreneurs are building real wealth at low risk.

Using strategies for engaging employees in assisting the business development process is an excellent way of increasing profit and finding new areas for expansion.  We can help you put together the structure that will support your business into the future.  These are tools used by the most successful large corporations.  We can help you adapt them to your day to day operations and have them work for you. 

Personnel/Workforce Development Services can help you focus on examining the statistics, policies, practices, benefits & training to determine what can be done to improve your business or organization's functioning.  From solving basic problems to serious and complex ones, we'll help you develop approaches that will stand the test of time.

Continuous Quality Improvement can provide your business with organic, effective, low cost solutions to customer service problems that can often be accomplished with existing staff.

How can we help you?

Please use the following contact information to let us know how we can serve the needs of your business.

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