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Agency Executive Survives Lifestyle Change!

February 8, 2002. Brooklyn, New York Alan H. Bernstein, formerly Chief Executive Officer of the Beacon of Hope House seems to have survived his departure from that agency. He's been seen in a number of familiar places and appears as dashing and fit as ever.

When asked how things were going in his new venture, he indicated that it was going slowly. "It's a tough market out there, everyone's concerned about the state budget, people are reluctant to commit to projects. I have a couple of things going on, but I'm still looking for new work". He went on to say that in consulting, marketing was everything. This is the major difference between running an agency and being on one's own. In an agency "I always had a torrent of work without looking for it, working independently you have to look for it".

While not a salesperson by nature, Mr. Bernstein seems to be getting the hang of it. He appeared calm and upbeat as he described several presentations he had recently made to prospective clients. With almost a missionary's zeal he described how he was planning to relieve burdens and help put some major projects in place. One was a major effort to provide vocational services In Harlem, another was a real estate project and a third focused on developing an approach to getting a case management program off the ground. However, he cautioned against the consultants worst enemy - going to the bank before the check was drafted. Often, proposed projects don't happen. The reasons are myriad, the effect on morale can be devastating, enthusiasm must be tempered, he cautioned.

On a personal note, Mr. Bernstein portrayed his life as greatly improved during the past six months. This, he said despite the fact that his wife recently suffered during the wave of layoffs that took place at Merrill Lynch. "Now, I understand why all those people in social work school wanted to do private practice. It is a much different life. Much more relaxed and significantly less hectic. Last Friday I took the afternoon off. At Beacon Friday was often my "cleanup day" when I rarely got out before 7 or 8 PM. I can live with this!" He smiled his usual toothy grin and added, "Of course, I miss the great people at Beacon. The social part is something you have to work on more when working independently, but there are an amazing number of people around doing all sorts of different things. It is truly a completely new world for me".

He turned and flashed that famous broad grin of his and said, "Got to run, marketing you know"!

It's nice to see that after more than thirty years of agency work, there can be something different. Mr. Bernstein is living proof that change is good and that at any time in your career new things can happen! We wish him the best and will keep you posted on his progress in the future.

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