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Our professional consulting and real estate sales services are delivered with a sense of good will and concern for your business goals. Regardless of the entity, non-profit or for profit, our solutions bring people together to maximize the potential of your resources to help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning
One of the wonderful parts of executive management is having the chance to grow your business or not-for-profit organization with a sense of purpose and direction into the future. Working on a vision for the future is an exercise that often makes an important difference in the workplace. We can help! AHBC can work with you to solidify plans for the future and help create a dynamic process to reach your goals.

Capacity Building

Naturally, organizations and businesses want to grow. Often, expansion requires additional infrastructure to sustain and improve quality and have revenue and profits increase. AHBC can help by helping to create the outcomes for your business organization's future growth. Working as part of the leadership of your staff team, AHBC will develop solutions that can enhance the fabric of regular operations as your grow.

Information Services
Information services are critical to success these days.  All businesses need to continually look at their needs in this area in order to stay competitive. At AHBC we can show you how to accomplish very significant tasks without enormous expenditures and disruption to routines. We can help develop and implement applications that work to maximize the efficient use of the information you gather and evaluate every day.

Training & Workshops
We provide all levels of curriculum development and training delivery. Drawing from a large pool of excellent and proven training talent, AHBC can help you design and implement a cost effective, custom training package for your business or not for profit agency.


Professional relationships take a great deal of time to develop. Building resources based on those relationships are often what make the difference between a business that muddles through, and those that that create their own paths. AHBC can help you develop relationships to enhance the prospects, profits, and projects of your business.

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